IE 7.0 – code-named “Rincon,” – will be a tabbed browser…

Some Internet Explorer 7.0 features:

1 – This new version will be focused primarily on improving security;
2 – Sources say that IE 7.0 – which is code-named “Rincon,” they hear – will be a tabbed browser;
3 – IE 7.0 will feature international domain name (IDN) support;
4 – Transparent Portable Network Graphics (PNG) support;
5 – New functionality that will simplify printing from inside IE 7.0;
6 – The new browser also will likely include a built-in news aggregator;

At the security enhancements Microsoft is expecting to include in IE 7.0:

1 – Reduced privilege mode becomes the default;
2 – No cross-domain scripting and/or scripting access;
3 – Improved Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) user interface;
4 – Possible integration between IE 7.0 and Microsoft’s Windows anti-spyware service, which currently is in beta.

Full story here.

Where are the posts?

Don´t know what happen this morning but all the posts from Macromedia foruns dissapear from my newsreader (Outlook Express).

At first i thought that it was a problem from my newsreader, but it seems that i wasn´t the only one with this problem.

Macromedia and Google foruns are working great this seems to happen only at newsreaders.

Does anyone else notice this problem?

Flash Online Seminars

Two online live events will allow you to have your questions answered directly by the Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX 2004 Pro product team…


Getting started with Flash MX Professional 2004
(March 15, 1:00 pm EST and March 29, 1:00 pm EST)

– Learn how to create rich interactive experiences faster with new screens-based authoring.
– Find out how to enrich your applications with live data.
– Discover how to deliver truly immersive experiences by incorporating professional-quality video.

Adding Interactivity to Flash with ActionScript
(March 15, 3:00 pm EST)

– Get the basics of ActionScript 2.0 so you can bring your Flash content to life.
– See how to add simple interactivity or build full-blown applications with this Java-based scripting language.

Register here:

Enrollment is limited. “Adding Interactivity to Flash with ActionScript” session is sold out but it might be recorded so that anyone can watch it later.

If someone knows if this sessions will be recorded or not please contact me or leave here a comment.

Bad Macromedia

Long time ago i didn´t saw any Macromedia decision that caused so many discussion. I´m not going to say here if this is good or bad, i believe it´s still soon to say that.

The best is that this matter is being discussed anywhere that even a petition was created against the yahoo plug-in in the Flash Player….The target of the petition is the Macromedia Management Team and it has now 390 signatures…

If you want to sign the petition or just take a look click me.

My opinion is that this isn´t so bad has it looks. There are many other´s companies that do this a long time ago and we still install their plug-ins. You have the option to install it or not. It´s a decision that you may take…

Sincerely i do believe Macromedia already won something with this. Everyone that are protesting is making that victory bigger and bigger. It´s like if they don´t care if you talk good or bad about them. They just want us to talk….

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