Employee address book application


Andrew Shorten from Adobe created a cool Flash Catalyst beta and Flash Builder 4 beta application that gives you a employee list where you are able to search and view the full contact information from each individual. Data is loaded from a database via Coldfusion.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Creating an interactive UI in Flash Catalyst
3. Exploring data-centric development in Flash Builder

Flash Catalyst tutorials

Adobe Flash Catalyst beta, the first steps


Tanya Heins released an article under Flash Catalyst tutorials at Adobe Developer Connection explaining the basic concept and first steps on Flash Catalyst.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Designing user interfaces in Photoshop
3. Importing a Photoshop design
4. Working with pages and states
5. Creating a popup window in a project
6. Designing transitions between states
7. Publishing a project for distribution

This tutorial will teach you the techniques on how to change the concept of a static file to a fully interactive application.

Ryan Stewart – Getting Started with Flash Catalyst Tutorial


flash catalyst

Ryan Stewart has created a Flash Catalyst tutorial teaching how to cerate a simple microsite. Ryan will explain all the process, Importing Artwork, Introduction to the Flash Catalyst Interface, Creating a Custom/Generic Component, Creating Transitions with the Timeline, Creating Interactions, Working Between Pages, Working with the Drawing Tools and Working with Components and Skin Parts. Tutorial is available also as a screencast.