Tips on using a Flash Media Server hosting provider


– Simultaneous connections
– Streaming or peak bandwidth per connection
– Bandwidth transfer
– Basic formula for one-to-many applications
– Basic formula for many-to-many applications
– Disk space
– Shared versus dedicated servers/clusters
– Type of application
– Region of end users (America, Asia, Europe, etc.)
– Custom application support
– FMS vs. FMIS
– Costs incurred by hosting your own

Flash Media Server Developer Center

Adobe Debuts Flash Media Server 3 Product Line


Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the Adobe® Flash® Media Server 3 family of products, which offers streaming media and real-time communication capabilities to the broadest possible audience. With industry standard H.264 video capabilities and High Efficiency AAC (HE-AAC) audio support, Adobe Flash Media Server 3 provides content owners with increased protection for streaming high quality video and allows for the delivery of interactive media applications that work consistently across multiple browsers and operating systems. Adobe Flash Media Server 3 provides a more efficient instant-on video experience virtually anytime, anywhere – to the Web, the desktop with Adobe Media Player and to mobile devices with Adobe Flash Liteâ„¢ 3. With new pricing options, customers have a wide array of choices for the broadcasting of high quality streaming media experiences.

Press Release

64 Kbyte Flash Media Server – Milenia Grafter Server



* Live Audio/Video streaming
* Live Stream Recording
* Powerful stream access control
* Lightweight client – server communication
* Client mode – you can connect to any kind of flash media server
* Server to server Data/Audio/Video communication – clustering
* Low memory requirement – not yet 😀
* Admin console

More Info & Download

Flash Media Server event gateway example application at Adobe Developer Center


Ramchandra Kulkarni presents a Flash Media Server event gateway example application at Adobe Developer Center. The author shows a ColdFusion application that uses the Flash Media Server event gateway to manipulate Flash Media Server shared objects.

Adobe Developer Center

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