Create mobile applications and games using Adobe AIR for Android and iOS connected to Google+


Created by Patricio Cornejo of this library connects the user to the application or game to your Google+ account developments in Adobe AIR for Android and iOS, allowing the developer to create social experiences through Google+.

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Flash Player 12 and and AIR 4 available


This release includes 8 new features, plus bug fixes and some security updates.

New Features:

Improved Packaging Engine – iOS – BETA
Graphics: Buffer Usage flag for Stage3D
Mobile Workers (concurrency) – Android
Support for native resources access by R* mechanism in native extension – Android
Stage3D Creation of Context3D with Profile Array
Support for Android 4.4 (KitKat)
Mac .pkg Installation Support
Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7 Support

Release Notes | Flash Player 12 AIR 4

GPS Air Extension for Adobe AIR developers


“This GPS Air Extension enables you to access the geographical location information of the device including Time, Geographical Location and the device’s Last Location Information in a way that in your Android device, when the location of the device changes, your application can receive updates about the changes too.”

The same thing which is presented by Adobe Geolocation but with even more features.

Some features:
– Having access to location menu
– Checking the GPS status ( Is it on or off! )
– Enabling / Disabling the listeners
– Checking GPS Availability
– Having access to Location Info in form of an Object
– Checking the Device GPS Support and more

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