Flash Player and AIR releases, code-named “Jones“


Adobe announced the beta availability of our next Flash Player and AIR releases, code-named “Jones“.

With this release, Adobe introduced a new numbering scheme for their product versions. Adopting the pattern set by Google with Chrome and Mozilla with Firefox.

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App Development on Android and iOS (Why AIR)


“Adobe Air, as a cross platform app and game development proposition, has suffered the unfair collateral damage from a territorial war that was all but Hiroshima’d by the late Steve Jobs through his Thoughts on Flash letter and more generally his business decisions regarding the iOS platform. Never mind that so much of his argument was conveniently flawed and in someways very miss-representational – the environment and the players have now evolved and most of the premise is not longer relevant. As Moore’s law has continued so have the performance issues become null and void, other arguments such as the misuse of Flash are a straw man that would relate to any language/platform when abused.”

App Development on Android and iOS – Why the value proposition continues to tilt further towards Adobe Air over native languages

60 Great AIR Apps For Web & Graphic Designers


Pro Blog Design as collected a very nice list of AIR apps. The list contains applications useful for designers.


– Creating Graphics
– Design-Specific Tools
– Editing Images
– Taking Screenshots
– Productivity Tools
– Image Sharing Tools
– Multimedia Apps

Take a look here.

Adobe Air Share Extension



Share Extension for Adobe AIR Developers

From now on you are able to share any data you want from your AIR app and also be able to access the user’s device sdcard and share files right there too! No matter if there are multimedia data like pictures, video, sounds and etc or text or something!

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