Away3D goodies round-up


Flash Daily has collected a great list of Away3D tutorials. Check it out at:

-Tutorial: Away3D – Earth and Moon
-Tutorial: Away3D fire particles
-Save OBJ file from Away3D at runtime
-Invawayders update, now with more Ash
-Starling & Away3D Physics demos
-Away3D Tutorial: Globe Simulation
-VideoMaterial Away3D 4.1
-Performance comparison: Stage3D (Away3D) vs WebGL (UPDATED)
-Showcase: Drilling (flash web-special with Away3D, Cinema4D, Prefab3D)
-Basic material settings – View 3D models using 3dsMax and Away3D
-Away3d Template
-Creating a terrain for Away3D with Photoshop
-Away3D Water Example
-Away3D Terrain
-Away3D Random Terrain
-Away3D Skybox
-Check Cube face click in Away3D
-Creating an interactive 3D animation with Away3D and Autodesk 3ds Max