Critical vulnerability in Adobe Flash


Adobe has confirmed it found a security flaw that affects every version of Flash for every system type: Windows, Mac and Linux.

Given the advisory number of CVE-2015-7645, the new flaw could allow an attacker to “crash and take control of the affected system.”

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CreativeSync coming to Flash Professional CC


“CreativeSync is coming to Flash Professional CC. With Creative Cloud Libraries integration, you’ll be able to access brushes, colors, graphics, and more directly in Flash Professional, whether you’ve made them yourself or if they’ve been shared with you. This means that you’ll be able to use creative assets from Adobe tools like Photoshop and Illustrator, or even mobile apps like the newly released Capture CC.”

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About Flash


“Flash was the pioneering software that revolutionized Web design from the late 1990s for an entire decade and more.”

Take a look at the reasons here at TNB.

I couldn’t agree more!

New Adobe Flash Player Update, Fixes Critical Vulnerabilities


“A few days ago we were notified of two vulnerabilities within the Flash Player that could potentially allow an attacker to take control of an affected system. Upon investigation, we confirmed and fixed the issues, and took steps to ensure that this class of attack cannot be used as a future attack vector.”


Adobe AIR 17 and Flash Player 17 (Beta)


Adobe just released the new Adobe Air 17 Beta and Flash Player 17 Beta, codenamed Octavia.

You can download both versions at Adobe Labs Website, In the website you will also have acess for details on new features, recent fixes and known issues.

Adobe AIR 17 update includes new iOS and Android features, enhancements and bug fixes. Flash Player 17 update includes security enhancements and bug fixes to provide a more robust and secure Flash Player.

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