Screen Orientation with Full-Screen Flash Player Content


“Prior to version 15, Flash Player (FP) did not provide notification of change in screen orientation. Starting with FP version 15 (FP 15), notification of screen orientation will be provided through triggering of a resize event if the FP content is playing in full-screen.”

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Integrating Push Notification in Flash With iOS


“Developing an iOS App using ActionScript APIs on Flash platform along with the integration of Push Notification is a time consuming process and we understand, your time is precious. Therefore, the main objective of this post is to make the process easier and more understandable for developers who want to create an Push enabled App for iPhone using Flash. For your convenience, we are showcasing a PushSample application using App42 Action-Script API. Here, we can integrate App42 Push Notification in just few minutes.”

Integrating Push Notification in Flash With iOS

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