Colin Moock’s ActionScript Boot Camp


Colin Moock will do a 3-day actionscript training course this spring in Toronto. The first session
will be on days 1-3 March, but it seems that only a few spots are left for day´s 1 and 3. However there will be another “Boot Camp” in May and if you are interested just send a mail to, put “boot camp” in the subject of your mail and indicate that you want to sign up for may’s course (specific dates to be determined).

The training session for March will cover the latest Flash MX 2004 programming techniques, course starts with absolute basics (perfect for designers and non-programmers) and quickly progresses to advanced topics such as object-oriented programming and design patterns.


Day 1: Introduction to ActionScript – Tuesday, March 1st, 9AM to 5 PM

Variables, statements, the interpreter, commands, arguments, operators, expressions, conditionals,
loops, events, event handlers, functions, and arrays.

Day 2: Introduction to Object-oriented Programming – Wednesday, March 2nd, 9AM to 5 PM

Classes, objects, methods, properties, encapsulation, inheritance, and datatypes.

Day 3: Introduction to Design Patterns – Thursday, March 3rd, 9AM to 5 PM

This final day introduces programmers to design patterns and shows how to apply them.

For notes, tickets and pricing please visit

Make money with your Flash Games.


CrazyMonkeyGames are buying games to Flash developers to feature at their website. If you have developed a game and don´t know what to do with it you may earn between $50 and $1000 depending on the quality of it. The rules are simple. If they buy your game, they will ask you to insert their logo as an intro screen and add a link to their site within the game. Then they feature the game on and allow the whole world to download it, distribute it, and use it on their own websites. You will be able to leave your name in the game as the author.

P.S. I saw this at a respected forum about Flash (Ultrashock). You may get more info about this topic by clicking here.

Flash Video Basics Macrochat


Bentley Wolfe will introduce Flash beginners to basic Flash video concepts. You’ll learn how Flash imports and exports video and how to create Flash FLV files for use with Player and Flash Communication Server.

The topics are:

– Video formats that Flash MX 2004 imports
– Importing video into Flash MX 2004
– Using Flash MX 2004 to create video
– Creating FLVs
– Creating FLVs
– Playing FLVs as embedded video; linking with media components and using the Flash Communication Server

You can find more info and register here.

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