Future of Flash and Flex?


Adobe wants to strengthen Flash and Flex’s position in the enterprise and especially in the mobile space. But a recent study shows that jQuery has overtaken Flash as a deployed web solution on the top 17,000 websites.

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PV3D Flex Gallery with XML



Via Flex Community Blog I found this cool Flex gallery developed with PV3D and XML. The final transition effect for images is pretty cool and runs very smoothly. Source Code for this application is available to download, download it and create your own galleries!

Flash Builder 4


Adobe Flash Builder 4 public beta is available in Adobe Labs to download. Flash Builder 4 is the name fr the well know flex builder, the idea is to create a clear distinction between the free open-source Flex framework and the commercial IDE.

Adobe Flash Builder 4

Tim Buntel has a nice article under Flex Developer Center about what’s new in Flash Builder 4 beta.

Tutorial and Demonstration Videos

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Free Flex Skins


flex skins

Blogn.org has collected a list of 13 FREE Flex skins that you might want to use on your application, together with the list there are two links on how to create your own skins for Flex and how to apply them.

The list includes top design skins that are really eye catching. Enjoy!

Scan and test Adobe Flash and Flex applications for vulnerabilities


“IBM has released a new version of its AppScan product with new capabilities to scan and test Adobe Flash and Flex applications for vulnerabilities. The tool can also be used to test AJAX technology. IBM says the goal is to help developers better secure dynamic, Web 2.0 sites.”

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