Email provider´s getting crazy – 1000Gb (and counting)


For those of you who think Gmail has lot´s of space for the email i´m sorry to dissapoint you, but they don´t.

While surfing digg i just found that in fact there´s a company offering 1000 Gb for the mailbox, and for free.

I guess provider´s are getting out of control.

Who needs 1000Gb of space for the email?!

Case you´re interested here´s the link.

Halloween Flash Movie ‘Climate Mash’


Now that the halloween is coming i´ll leave here a link for a very funny
flash movie that pretends to remmember us about a serious problem which is the Global Warming of the planet.

This movie is already a sucess in the Internet with 117,866 views in the first six days on the Web.

The “Climate Mash” was recorded by original “Monster Mash” artist Bobby “Boris” Pickett.

The “Climate Mash” Flash movie presentation was written by Peter Altman
and brought to life by Horseback Salad of Austin, Texas.

Climate Mash Website.

Climate Mash

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