Understanding the Use of RAID 0 for Gaming PCs


Some of the most demanding games of today require more than just a capable PC. For you to get a decent framerate playing heavy titles, you need a capable processor, enough RAM and a good GPU. It doesn’t stop there either. A set of fast hard drives or SSDs are needed to prevent bottlenecks and create a fluid, speedy gaming experience.

When it comes to getting the most speed from hard drives, the right RAID configuration can make a huge difference. There are some interesting options to choose from, but the one that provides the most speed improvement is RAID 0.

What is RAID 0?

RAID 0 combines multiple hard drives into a set of strips. The storage space of each hard drive is added to the mix, so combining two 1TB hard drives in RAID 0 allows you to get 2TB of pooled storage space to use.

What makes RAID 0 special is the way it handles writing files to hard drives. Instead of writing multiple copies of the same file the way RAID 1 does, RAID 0 takes one file and splits it into multiple parts. Each part gets written to a different drive in a round-robin cycle.

The result is a faster writing speed; a much faster writing speed to be exact. Depending on the other hardware in use, RAID 0 can present speed improvements of up to 180% compared to a single hard drive setup.

RAID 0 with SSDs

Modern SSDs are already very fast, but that doesn’t mean you can’t configure them in RAID 0 to push their speeds even further. Two SSDs with an average read and write speed of around 500 megabytes per second will result in a setup that can utilize almost all of the theoretical SATA III speed. The setup can eliminate any bottleneck completely.

RAID 0 with SSDs is also considered safer, since SSDs don’t really have moving parts. The rate of failure in SSDs is much lower than that of hard drives, making the whole RAID 0 setup more reliable in the long run.

Speaking of reliability….

RAID 0 Reliability and Security

If you do want to utilize RAID 0 to speed up your computer, there are a few things you need to know. First, always configure RAID 0 with a set of reliable hard drives. Some hard drives, including newer ones designed for RAID use, have a lower failure rate and are the better options for RAID configurations.

SSDs are definitely better. Instead of buying one 500GB SSD, you can opt for two 250GB SSDs and enjoy the speed boost at the same time. Similar to hard drives, always stick to SSDs with a proven performance and reliability history for maximum security.

There is one additional safety net you can count on: data recovery. Today, RAID failure doesn’t always end with complete data loss. Some of the best RAID failure recovery solutions are more than capable of restoring failed RAID arrays, including RAID 0 arrays with one or multiple failing hard drives. This makes the use of RAID 0 even more recommended for gaming.

Facebook new feature for Messenger: Photo Magic


Facebook is testing a new application/feature called ‘Photo Magic’. Photo Magic will scans your Camera Roll to find Facebook friends. By taking a photo to a friend you will receive a notification to share it or not with those friends via Messenger.

One Word: Dislike! I guess…

Get all the current details on TNW.

Review: XNSPY Spy Software for Android


2Spying apps are a necessity these days considering the spectre of internet savages that have been playing with our digital safety, especially of our kids. And therefore, there is no better way to succor our teens and tweens from these Brutes who have been lingering around their privacy. This labyrinth of depraved people turning to internet for fulfilling of their deviant desires is too widespread. Spy software for android like XNSPY can make sure that kids are safe from these pedophiles and online sexual harassers.

Apparently, there is no perfect solution to protect our devices against data theft, and the only possible solution that can reduce the collateral of internet abuse is by monitoring our kids’ smartphone activity—that includes keeping a close look on their gallery, contacts and instant messengers.

XNSPY ensure that parents won’t have to rely on pressuring kids about safe use of smartphones, because they can themselves closely monitor every activity off their child’s phone remotely. To know how you can too do it, have a look at this product’s review of XNSPY smartphone spy app:


What Is XNSPY?
To put it simply, XNSPY is a smartphone monitoring spy app. It can be used to spy on your kids’ or employees’ phone provided by you, with their consent. Using XNSPY is 100% legal—make sure you do go through the product’s legal terms and policies before using it.

How to Use It?
Using XNSPY would require you to download and install a copy of the app on the device that you wish to monitor. If you can’t do that, you can’t monitor. There is no other way to do it. You can download the app from XNSPY’s website. There you can go through the demo of the product before deciding the duration of your subscription or deeply scrutinize all of the features provided by the app.

Once you are done with downloading and installation, there isn’t much that you would have to do. To monitor your target device, you can either use the online webpage-based control panel or you can download the XNSPY Dashboard app for more convenience and on-the-go monitoring [you can download XNSPY Dashboard app here].

What Can You Do With XNSPY?
There is A LOT that you can do with XNSPY. From smartphone activity to real-time location tracking, XNSPY monitors every bit from the monitored smartphone. Have a look at some of the features of this app:

  • Phone logs monitoring: Monitor all calls (incoming, outgoing and missed calls), SMS, contacts, emails, internet browsing history, calendar entries.
  • Instant messenger monitoring: check all the text conversation, WiFi call logs and shared multimedia (photos, videos and audio) from Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, skype and Kik.
  • GPS tracking and geo-fencing: Locate your kids’ location in real-time and view history of previously visited places with complete date and time stamps. Geo-fencing comes in very handy for notorious kids who would secretly go around ‘unsafe’ and ‘unauthorized places’ no matter what. By creating geo-fences you can get details related to those locations through instant notifications.
  • XNSPY Dashboard Is a Bliss for Working Parents
    One reason why you should buy XNSPY is because of its XNSPY Dashboard app that you can install on your smartphone and monitor your kids in office or anywhere, anytime.

    No Instagram and Snapchat Monitoring
    One reason not to buy XNSPY is because it doesn’t offer you to monitor Instagram or Snapchat on your kids’ smartphones. However, parents can follow their kids on Instagram and Snapchat to deal with this downside.

    XNSPY spy software for android is an easy way to monitor kids. It’s also very affordable, starting at just $8.33/month.

    WordPress PayPal Plugins


    Running a WordPress site is great for a business, you can customise exactly what you want and add news and blog features. But many business owners are missing out on a huge part of WordPress because they don’t know about the PayPal plugin.


    This feature lets a customer pay for goods or a service directly from the product page by logging into their PayPal account. Users love the trusted PayPal name to pay for products and the PayPal plugin lets them see the familiar logo and know their details will be safe if they choose to buy from this merchant.


    PayPal is a ubiquitous payment method accepted on sites that offer many different services. From online shopping to gambling, this provider powers hundreds of thousands of transactions a day. There are lots of gambling sites out there and they have become more trustworthy by accepting this payment method, such as this site that accepts PayPal.


    The convenience and security of PayPal puts consumers at ease when they pay for items online, there’s no need to worry about fraud or scams and they also offer a high level of protection. Their partnership with WordPress makes it easier than ever to embed a shopping basket feature to a site, without having to pay hefty fees.


    There are so many customisable features of the WordPress plugin too that makes it integrate naturally to a site, without sticking out like a sore thumb. It has a lightweight code too, so no matter the site it won’t be slowing things down.

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