WordPress PayPal Plugins


Running a WordPress site is great for a business, you can customise exactly what you want and add news and blog features. But many business owners are missing out on a huge part of WordPress because they don’t know about the PayPal plugin.


This feature lets a customer pay for goods or a service directly from the product page by logging into their PayPal account. Users love the trusted PayPal name to pay for products and the PayPal plugin lets them see the familiar logo and know their details will be safe if they choose to buy from this merchant.


PayPal is a ubiquitous payment method accepted on sites that offer many different services. From online shopping to gambling, this provider powers hundreds of thousands of transactions a day. There are lots of gambling sites out there and they have become more trustworthy by accepting this payment method, such as this site that accepts PayPal.


The convenience and security of PayPal puts consumers at ease when they pay for items online, there’s no need to worry about fraud or scams and they also offer a high level of protection. Their partnership with WordPress makes it easier than ever to embed a shopping basket feature to a site, without having to pay hefty fees.


There are so many customisable features of the WordPress plugin too that makes it integrate naturally to a site, without sticking out like a sore thumb. It has a lightweight code too, so no matter the site it won’t be slowing things down.

New WordPress Theme / Beedigital Redesign


Over this past weekend I have been working on a brand new theme for Beedigital. I came around this amazing wordpress theme “Dynamic News Lite” for wordpress, I believe this is a perfect solution for what I pretend for this website and for you.

The new theme has a clean design, and one of the most important features is that this theme is now fully responsive, adapting to all the devices, PC’s, Cellphones and Tablets, much easier to read in all those devices. You will notice now also less Ads, making it straight to the point without so many distractions.

Beedigital is close to celebrate another anniversary, so I guess this is the perfect gift for what’s upcoming here.

Hope you enjoy it, keep coming! If you have features, or articles you would like to show here don’t hesitate to drop me an email.

Download Flappy Bird Android File Install


flappy bird

Flappy Bird is no longer available on the Google Play Market or iTunes. This game has became one of the most popular one’s for cellphone users.

Would you like to have it on your Android device? Well Beedigital has the isntalation file for you. Just download it here at Flappy Bird Android File Install

WordPress 3.8 “Parker”


WordPress 3.8 named “Parker” is available to download. I must say I feel very impressed with this new release. IBM Research The graphical update on the admin is huge and very nice, I really like the new interface for the admin. Together with this release is available a brand new free theme for wordpress. The Twenty Fourteen. It’s a magazine style theme, responsive, with a modern layout. Very nice….I love WordPress!

wordpress 3.8

Twenty Fourteen

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