Google is offering 1 TB free storage and other rewards if you review places on Google Maps


“Google Maps is trying to promote its Local Guides feature by offering exciting rewards to people who help them in reviewing , posting pictures , answering basic questions etc. about places on maps like restaurants, tourist spots and other locations.”


How to be a smarter marketer


Google Primer offers you the lessons!

Google launched a new app to help professionals learn how to better market themselves in the Internet era.

Available on iOS and Android, you will have free mini-lessons that span topics like search advertising, mobile Web design and more.

google primer

“When people suceed, Google suceeds,. At our best, we help businesses of all sizes try new things and get more customers. But we also know it’s hard to get the knowledge you need to do innovative marketing. So we assembled a small team of our own marketers and challenged them to build a product they would use. The result is Primer.”

Google Primer


Play Pac-Man in Google Maps


Like it or not (everyone likes) Google is currently allowing user’s to play Pac-man inside Google Maps, yes, correct, you can now make the little yellow fellow escape from behing eaten in a street just by your house. Don’t believe it? Take a look!

Just visit Google Maps in your browser and click on the bottom-left Pac-Man icon. Have fun!

This is cool, but would be great to make this game Street View style!

google pac-man

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