Microsoft removes Flash & Silverlight with ‘plug-in free’ Windows 8 Metro IE10


The tablet-optimized Metro version of Internet Explorer 10 in Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 will be a “plug-in free experience,” as the company follows Apple’s lead in abandoning Adobe Flash in favor of HTML5 on tablets.


Mike Downey … some warning or something else?!


Can’t really say that I had a huge surprise with Downey leaving Adobe to join Microsoft, however like all the rest of us I can say it messes up a little with everyone.

The reason for this post is first to congratulate Mike for the hard decision I believe he had, and to try to understand what were the motivations or des(motivations) with is well know career at Macromedia / Adobe to take a decision like this.

Was Silverlight or Microsoft that motivated him or could it be Adobe not giving anymore the motivation he needed.

Could it be possible in the near future some more guys like Lynch or Chambers follow his steps? Unfortunately or not it’s not the first case in this last year. Can this changes became normal?

What’s Keeping Adobe Up at Night? by Tim O’Reilly


ria graph

Can´t say it’s a surprise Flash position in the graph but I would expect a better performance by Flex. Taking close attention to the graph I notice some downgrade by Flex and it seems that Silverlight is trying to win some positions. Let’s see what time reserves for all of these products.

Click on the image below to get a better view of the graph and read all the comments around these results.


Microsoft D!


And another of the many innovations I have (and have yet to) stumble across is the new declarative (more on that later) language from Microsoft. This is what appears to be a direct aim at combating Adobe’s hopes with AIR, and Flex both in one. The similarities become even more obvious when you see more in depth details on the way the script is coded.

Microsoft D – Another stab at Adobe?

AIR, Flash, Flex and Microsoft Silverlight – Differences and Comparisons


I would like to invite you to read this nice article by Scott Klarr where he explains the differences and what these four products stand for.

The text his clear and simple, all the article his written with few or any technical details, so it will be simple for you to choose one of these products next time you built an application.

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