Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 is Arrived! But Flash is indestructible…


Microsoft has just made available the next Flash killer. At least i suppose that’s what they think Silverlight will do. In a continuous battle for delivering RIA Microsoft keep’s trying to bring Flash down. As for me and at the near future that is just impossible. Anyway lets keep attention on this Silverlight release. One think is for sure, they have a nice logo…


MINOR Flash and Active-X components in IE may change


If everyone remembers back when flash and active-x components of a webpage started automatically, thats when microsoft was apparently ignoring a patent from someone else. They changed it so you have to click on it, and now they are trying to change it back. Techno law has come home. 🙂

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Developers Eye Microsoft’s Silverlight As Potential Flash Alternative


“Adobe’s ubiquitous Flash has never had serious competition, which allowed it to become the dominant technology for Web multimedia, even though its complexity causes some headaches for developers. Yet Microsoft’s Silverlight stands to give Flash a run for its market share.Now available in beta, Silverlight is slated for a 1.0 release this summer and is already drawing strong interest from developers.

Attendees at Microsoft’s TechEd 2007 conference in Orlando, Fla., crowded into a packed Silverlight overview session Monday evening, led by Developer Division General Manager Scott Guthrie. A recap of slides and demos first shown at Microsoft’s Mix07 show last month, the Silverlight session showcased the technology that Microsoft is relying on to bring its technology platform beyond the operating system and into the Web browser.

Silverlight is a subset of the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) system that powers Vista. It aims to best Flash in two ways: By offering better-looking, more advanced display and interactive functionality, and by featuring better tooling support.”

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Could Adobe’s contribution to Mozilla force MS to take Internet Explorer open source?


Could Adobe’s contribution to Mozilla force MS to take Internet Explorer open source? by ZDNet‘s David Berlind —’s Martin Lamonica has the details on “the largest code contribution yet to the open source Mozilla Foundation:” On Tuesday, Adobe is expected to announce the donation in conjunction with the Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. The code will form the basis for a new open-source project called Tamarin, which will be governed […]

Microsoft ready to test Dreamweaver rival


Developers are set to get their first chance to play with Microsoft’s new web design tool later today. The company is ready to release a Community Technology Preview of Expression Web Designer, one of three new tools designed to compete with rival Adobe’s Dreamweaver.

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Halo 2 for PC


Yesterday, Microsoft announced it will bring Halo 2 to the PC. But exclusively to the upcoming Windows Vista operating system. So we all have to wait.

PC version of Halo 2 will offer the full single-player campaign and multiplayer maps of the original Xbox version.

I never played this game but I remember that when this game was released there was lots of excitement everywhere. So I’m a little curious about it.

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