4 Parts Papervision 3D Programming Tutorials


– Loading and Displaying a 3D Model
This tutorial will show you how to create a Flash program that will load and display a 3D model in a web page using Papervision 3D and Flex.

– Particle Systems with Flint
This article shows you how to use the Flint particle system together with Papervision to create some cool 3D Flash effects.

– Modify Textures At Runtime
Learn how to modify the texture of a Papervision 3D Collada model at run time.

-WOW Physics
A Flex / Actionscript development tutorial that shows you how to use the Papervision 3D egine to create 3D Flash effects in your webpage. This article shows you how to add real time physics to the Papervision 3D engine.

3D Text with VectorVision


Mrinal Wadhwa is sharing some experiments and source code in order to render text with high quality in Papervision3D projects. He uses VectorVision a extension for Papervision 3D to achieve the best results.

Take a look at the final results and how to create applications using these technologies.

3D Text with VectorVision

Papervision3D workshop coming to Amsterdam !


During this 2 day workshop from one of the core team members, you’ll receive hands on experience both in everything Papervision3D, covering topics such as the basics of setup and deployment, as well as advanced features and usages of the award winning Papervision3D engine.

Amsterdam Papervision Workshop

18 Papervision 3D Examples – Source Code Included


# InteractiveScene3DEvent example
# Layers Demo
# Simple Wow Engine Demo
# Rotation Demo
# BitmapFileMaterial example
# Two Sided Plane
# Video Cube Demo
# VideoStreamMaterial demo
# Sphere BitmapMaterial
# Blender Collada DAE
# Blur effect
# Curved lines
# Lines3D
# Particle field demo
# Bitmap material demo
# Rotating cylinder
# Shaded cube
# Plane wireframe

Via http://www.dehash.com/?p=152

First Steps in Papervision 3D


First steps in Papervision3D : Part 1
First steps in Papervision3D : Part 2
First steps in Papervision3D : Part 3 – animation
First steps in Papervision3D : Part 4 – lighting and shading
First steps in Papervision3D : Part 5 – scene interaction
First steps in Papervision3D : Part 6 – Texture mapping
First steps in Papervision3D : Part 7 – Texture mapping with lighting, bump mapping and environment mapping

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