Free solution to dynamic flash page flipping



Check out this very nice free solution to dynamic flash page flipping. This free version is brought to you by the guys at FlashPageFlip. It is XML driven and allows users to insert files in the format of either .jpg or .swf.

Angel Romero
Flash Speaks Actionscript Blog

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Horizontal scrolling images tutorial (Needed)


I have received the following email from a reader:

“Hello, I have been learning flash on your site, I find the tutorials very helpful but I would like to see a tutorial that can help me with a special project.

I am very interested in how to make automatic horizontal scrolling images… in other words … lets say I have 5 pictures.. I would place them next to each other side by side.. but they automatically scroll themselves to the right and repeat. An example of this would be on this website here and if you click on the small picture and a larger one comes up.. like on this site… its a nice bonus.


If someone knows a link with this kind of tutorial please leave here at the comments.

Create a browsing platform along with a set of integrated applications using Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) cross-operating system


I have received the following mail this weekend. I’m posting here so that anyone in this community can contact this reader and give him a little help.

“What I want to do is create a next-generation browser that is free of the design constraints of the typical browser. I want to create the browsing platform along with a set of integrated applications using Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) cross-operating system. The apps will be built on Flash, AJAX and PHP. What I am having trouble understanding is whether the web browser would be compatible with AIR if the Gecko layout engine (C++) was used.

I’m sure there are many ways to go about creating a web browser without using C++ (maybe?). I bet it can even be done with AIR. I guess I am mostly thinking about supporting open internet standards.

Please excuse me for my ignorance…like I said before, I am not a developer! Any opinions on this matter will be accepted with open arms. If you have any questions for me, please let me know. If you think I am crazy for sending you an unsolicited email, then please ignore me! I’ll understand, I promise! But if you wouldn’t mind opening up a discussion on this, I would be grateful.

Also, we could talk about a paid relationship if your interested. I am open to two scenarios: (1.) paying a fee for the development of the prototype, and; (2.) a full time equity position to build the prototype and to lead the development of the entire website.

Justin Gorczynski – eintnohick[at]gmail[dot]com

Flex problem from a reader


I have received the following mail from  a reader. He has one doubt about Flex and i thought someone who reads this blog could help him by commenting the solution here.

“I am Bing from Tawain and also one of funders MMUG.
I am very like your Blog.
Today, I have done a Flex demo may be can share with you , you can look at this one.

By the way, My I ask you flex question ?

How to enlarge text size with your browser when hold ctrl key and scroll up with the mouse. Hold ctrl and scroll down with the mouse to decrease text size?

I remember some one website have this tips.

So sorry if this letter bother you that you don’t reply me. Thanks

Best Regards.”