Track Air Traffic, Sea and more!


LocalizaTodo is a Spanish application created with Flex and Google Maps that will let you locate airplanes and vessels in real time. You can track their route for up to 24 hours.

LocalizaTodo will also track Navigation Warnings, Amateur Radios and more! You can even enter a Flight number and locate the Plain in real time, by seraching for a plain will also give you the departure airport, the arrival airport, company, and much more. Select this option at the bottom.

Youtube First Video with 360º Tech!



This weekend, while visiting a Brazilian website, I came across a great post or article. It was about Youtube and their first video using 360º technology for videos.

The video is to promote a well know brand and product, the Doritos Late Night. At the video you may click at anytime and control “the camera” by rotating it at 360º, just like you might have done with photos. This technology will offer the user a great interaction and experience.

Take a look at this fantastic experience at

Flash Power 3D


Lecom created a list of 25 3D websites done with Flash entitled “The Power of Flash – 25 3D Websites”. The list includes some of the most exciting and eye-catching websites developed with Flash.

If you want to get some inspiration for any work this is a good start. Take a look!

Flash Power – 25 3D Websites!

50 Top Flash Websites


Ready for a marathon of stunning Flash websites? Smashing magazine is sharing another list of fantastic and eye catching websites developed with Flash.

Here’s the 50 reasons why Flash is still the top tool when talking about interactivity, inspiration, creativity and liberty.

Have Fun!

Wait, I just remember something. When thinking in cool stuff one of the companies that came to my mind is 2Advanced. When do you think we can expect the “v6” 2advanced website?

PV3D Leaves and Wind


This example is one of the most cool interaction Flash movies. Just blow to your microphone and watch those leaves flying has if you were creating wind. Lovely!


Voice-based drawing toy


I’ve been playing with the resent Voice-based drawing toy by and I am now posting some results with musics I was listening too.

This is a very fun toy, for sure will grab your attention fr some minutes. I wonder if zefrank is thinking in release the source code for this…

Anyway, here goes my tests….

Welcome to the jungle by Guns and Roses:
guns and roses

With or Without You by U2

All Fired Up by Interpol

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