Happy Bday Firefox


One year ago:

November 2004: Firefox 1.0 is released.

December 2004: An advert for Firefox is printed in the New York Times.

January 2005: Google hires two Firefox programmers.

February 2005:
Microsoft announces that it will launch an update to Internet Explorer.

March 2005: The Mozilla Foundation claims that Firefox has been adopted by large enterprises.

April 2005: Mozilla patches several flaws in Firefox.

May 2005: IBM encourages its employees to use Firefox.

June 2005: Microsoft announces that Windows 2000 users will not get access to IE7.

July 2005: The Mozilla Foundation admits that the next version of Firefox has been delayed again until “after August”.

August 2005: Mozilla announces the creation of a commercial subsidiary, called the Mozilla Corporation.

September 2005: Security firm Symantec releases a report claiming that Mozilla Web browsers are potentially more vulnerable to attack than IE.

October 2005: Mozilla celebrates the 100 millionth download of Firefox.

November 2005: Firefox achieves 10 percent market share, and the first release candidate of Firefox 1.5 is released.

Via Zdnet.

Zinc 2.5 Announced for Windows & Mac OSX


MDM announced today the Zincâ„¢ v2 Product Suite which will introduce an all new 2.5 release for both Windows and Mac OSX.

This version will have the all new {mdm}Scriptâ„¢ 2.0! which provides a true OOP approach to Scripting your Zincâ„¢ Applications.

This version is expected to be available late October.

MDM Website.

SUSHI Multiuser Server V2.2 released


Rawfish Software has just released the SUSHI Multiuser Server V2.2, a comprehensive framework for creating and running crossplatform multiuser applications.

The SUSHI Multiuser Server provides a flexible and cost-efficient solution to create and run most diverse multiuser projects, like e.g. chats, games or collaboration tools using Flash MX AS1.0 & AS2.0, Flash Lite and Java (J2SE/J2ME) .

More info here.

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