6 AIR Tips by David Tucker


* AIR Tip 1: Monitoring a Network Connection (AIR Beta 3)
* AIR Tip 2: Going Fullscreen (AIR Beta 3)
* AIR Tip 3: What Version is My Application (AIR Beta 3)
* AIR Tip 4: Calling a SOAP Webservice (AIR Beta 1)
* AIR Tip 5: Passing Arguments to an Application on Install (AIR Beta 3)
* AIR Tip 6: Launching an Application from the Browser (AIR Beta 3)

6 AIR Tips by David Tucker

Create a desktop instant messenger using Adobe AIR, Flash Media Server, and WebORB.NET


Ths tutorial by Robert A. Colvin is now available at Adobe Developer Center.

Sample file include working examples of the following concepts:

– Using Adobe Flash Media Server for delivery of audio and video
– Data messaging with WebORB .NET 3.3 version with MSMQ

Adobe Developer Center

Get Start with the AIR Flash CS3 Professional


Alpesh Vaghasiya has posted a great article at Actionscript.org giving the basic for you to create your first AIR app with Flash.

It is know that AIR applications are everywhere at the moment, making a huge success.

You may be the next developer giving users a great application. Read the article here.

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