Create & publish HTML5 Canvas documents from scratch in Flash Pro CC


“Flash Professional CC lets you create and publish HTML5 Canvas documents from scratch, using a familiar authoring environment. Using open web standards enables your content to reach any modern browser, including mobile devices.”

Video Tutorial Here

Converting and reusing ActionScript assets in HTML5 Canvas (Part2)


It’s now available the 2nd part tutorial on how to converting and reusing ActionScript 3.0 assets in an HTML5 Canvas document.

In case you missed the first part you can take a look at it here:

2nd part can be found here:

Animate cartoons & drawings with Flash Pro CC


start flash hero

Joseph Labrecque is sharing a great article/tutorial on how to animate cartoons & drawings with Flash Professional CC. This tutorial is great for first time user’s of Flash, and for those who wich to start working and animating with Flash.

The tutorial is divided in different videos which are:

– Set the Stage for your animation.
– Create the scene for our character.
– Let’s draw Sad Potato.
– Animate the character.
– Fine-tune the character’s movement.
– Export the project for the web, iPad, and more.

Taking a look at this tutorial will make you work with the basics tools of Flash, learning the Flash concept and how to work with them. Great!

How to animate cartoons & drawings with Flash Pro Tutorial

Migrate and reuse ActionScript 3.0 content within an HTML5 Canvas document


You heard the news about Flash Professional CC allowing from now on native HTML5 Canvas authoring! What about the SWFs and other ActionScript 3.0 content types you have created in the past?

Adobe Flash Professional Team Blog have created a two part article explaining the options to migrate.

Take a look at the first part of the article under: “Creating HTML5 Canvas | Reusing ActionScript 3.0 assets | Flash Pro CC

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