Getting Started with PHP and Flex


With all the hype (and money) surrounding buzzword terms like Web 2.0 and Rich Internet Applications (RIA), it’s easy to wonder, “How can I integrate that into my PHP application?” Certainly, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) technologies that use JavaScript code are a good option. But you should also have a look at the Adobe Flex framework. With Flex, you can quickly build functional, attractive user interfaces in Adobe Flash that communicate to your PHP web application through XML.

Build a RSS Reader in Flex



We are going to take this RSS feed and build a RSS Reader in Flex that, by default, will return the last 30 days of content. We will provide the user with a search capability to filter the results from Community MX which will display in a data grid the Title, Category and Publish Date. The data grid will give the user the ability to sort the columns headers as well as rearrange the column orders. Once the user highlights and selects an article, we will display the description of that article along with the link to where the full article can be found.

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