Adobe Course: AIR 1.5 – Building desktop applications with Flex 3


Adobe AIR Developer Center for Flex is offering a course on building Flex applications on Adobe AIR.

The course is divided into the following modules and labs:

* Introducing the course
* Introducing Adobe AIR
* Getting started with AIR
* Creating native windows
* Using the file system
* Connecting applications
* Using the clipboard
* Persisting application data
* Understanding AIR security
* Customizing application deployment

AIR 1.5 – Building desktop applications with Flex 3 online course

Uploading a file with Flex and Java


Alex Cougarman explains the process on how to upload a file via Flex and Java. In the process, it demonstrates Flex’s ECMAScript for XML (E4X) language extension, custom components, classes, and events, as well as a Java-like properties file.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Creating the Flex project
3. Creating the Java servlet
4. Adding data to the Flex app
5. Creating the Flex upload component
6. Creating a custom Flex event
7. Troubleshooting

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10 Must Know Flash Techniques/Tips


netTuts+ collected a must see list of what they call the “10 Challenging but Awesome Flash Techniques”. I believe this title says it all, there’s no reason to present folks or work of netTuts+ group/staff, this is good material to play with. Enjoy!

The list of tips is composed by:

1. Send and Receive Phone Calls, SMS and Voicemail with Flash
2. Pyramid and Funnel Charts with Adobe Flex
3. Creating Liquid GUIs with Flash and ActionScript 3.0
4. Realistic Coffee and Smoke Effect
5. Return Database Records to Flash
6. Use Lightbox Inside of Flash Applications
7. Create a Walk Cycle: The Right Way
8. Advanced Image Gallery
9. Export JPG with Flash PHP
10. Handle Cue Points for Audio Files in ActionScript

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Flex for PHP Developers


“Flex quick start guide for PHP developers” was a very popular document made available by Adobe under Flex Developer Center. Now the article was updated but to work with Flex 3.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Running the Flex/PHP code examples
3. Creating the user interface
4. Submitting a form using the GET method to PHP
5. Submitting a form using the POST method to PHP
6. Submitting a form to Google using the GET method
7. Populating a list with XML from the server
8. Navigating to another URL or targeting a frame
9. Changing states in Flex
10. Downloading a file
11. Uploading a file to PHP
12. Login example application
13. Populating a DataGrid with XML from PHP
14. Taking your projects to the next level

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