Using Bitmap Caching in Flash


The Macromedia Developer Center has some new articles.

Guy Watson has created a tutorial which I guess will be very useful for everyone working with Flash.

The tutorial will teach you how to use the new bitmap caching capabilities in Flash 8, improving speed and graphic performance.

Link for tutorial here

Migrating from Flash MX 2004 to Flash 8 – Tutorial


Jen deHaan from Macromedia has created a new tutorial at the Developer Center.

Her article discusses the new features in Flash Basic 8 and Flash Professional 8 and how they compare to similar features in Flash MX 2004. In the article you will also learn tips that help you migrate your projects from Flash MX 2004 to Flash 8.

Link here.

Great Introduction to XML in Flash


Ok, i found this tutorial at and i must say that this is a great start for those who want to start giving the first steps playing with XML in Flash.

Tutorial will start with XML Basics but at the end of it you will be able to manage XML data in Flash for sure.

Tutorial content:

XML Basics
– Introduction
– Basic XML Structure
– Elements
– Text Nodes
– Attributes
– Additional XML Content
– Evaluating an Example

XML With Respect to Flash
– Introduction
– XML vs Variable Strings
– Loading XML Into Flash
– Preloaders With XML
– White Space and Tracing
– XML to XML Object

Finding Your Way Around An XML Object
– Introduction
– Navigation Through Helpful XML Properties
– Example: Load Security Text
– Evaluation: XML And Your Family Tree
– Example: Squirrel Finder
– Example: Portfolio
– Nested Loops
– Searching XML
– Example: Searching Best of
– Recursive Functions
– Example: MX 2004 ActionScript Classes

Managing XML Data In Flash
– Introduction
– A Better Understanding Of The ChildNodes Array
– Example: Sorted Grades List
– Creating and Editing XML
– XML Methods
– What About Attributes?
– Editing Text Nodes and Element Names
– Additional Helpful Methods
– Example: MP3 Playlist

Sending XML Out From Flash
– Introduction
– Example: Simple Editor
– Example: News Editor

Specific Issues
– Introduction
– XML Node Reference Not Returning Value
– Trouble with XML onLoad in AS 2.0 Classes
– XML URL Is Correct, But Still Won’t Load
– Sending Formatted XML And/Or CDATA To The Server
– Double-spacing Occurs With Text Nodes And/Or CDATA
– Trouble With Raw Post Data In PHP
– Special Characters in XML

Tutorial is available also for you to download has Word document.

Click here to start tutorial.

Skinning Flash MX 2004 Components


Author: Peter Elst
Author homepage:

Flash MX supported skinning to a certain extent but, with the new release of Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX 2004 Professional, we’ve been given a whole host of new functionality allowing us to change a component’s look and feel quickly and efficiently.

Skinning Flash MX 2004 Components.

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