FITC Amsterdam 2011

March 8-9, 2011 Amsterdam


Amsterdam will receive the first edition of FITC 2011. The event will occur on March 8-9. This years festival is full of great presentations, designers and developers (flash and more!) for sure will be one of the most interesting editions, if you have the opportunity to go you still can apply for a ticket. Hurry, they are flying fast!

FITC will have around 50+ presentations and speakers, these will cover Creative, Technical, and Business aspects of Flash and digital media.

The presenters list is huge, but it’s even huge in quality. Jumping to Amsterdam those days will give you the chance to attend presentations from guys like:

• GMUNK – Design Lead for Graphic Design & Animation for TRON Legacy
• Simon Page – British Graphic Designer and Illustrator
• Carlos Ulloa – Creator of Papervision3D
• Rob Bateman – co-founder of Away3D
• Andre Michelle – The man behind
• Chris Allen – President and CEO of Infrared5, and inventor of Brass Monkey
• Christian Cantrell
• Mike Chambers
• Grant Skinner
• Ryan Stewart
• Carlos Ulloa
and much more!

These folks will be some of the speakers that will share with you lots of interesting presentations, I will not give you all the schedule from the event here but I have some thoughts on presentations that will have a huge audience and for sure will be interesting. You will have:

• 3D Workflow for the New Era by Bartek Drozdz
• Audio Code Clash – Workshop by Andre Michelle
• Buiding Realtime Multiplayer Games with P2P by Tomas Krcha
• Comparing Web Video Technologies, from Flash to HTML5 to Silverlight by Robert Reinhardt
• HelloEnjoy: High-End Interactive Design by Carlos Ulloa
• Integrating Flash and HTML 5 by Mike Chambers
• What’s Next from Adobe by Paul Trani
and more!

For sure a lot of reasons to visit!