10 Reasons Why Flash Cannot Die

Rob Ford from TheFwa has posted a nice article about Flash vs HTML5 and make us believe that Flash can still be a powerful tool.

What do you think? Will Flash completly die or can we see a turn around on this matter? What are the chances of Flash to survive against HTML5? Is HTML5 the right option to web usability all the way?

“Whilst the likes of HTML5, WebGL, Three.js framework etc has given the power to anyone to create their imaginations without the need for a plug-in, we are already seeing how many of the most progressive digital experiences struggle in a big way to work on mobile and tablets. We’re also experiencing those longer loading times as we did with Flash. Many HTML5 projects are browser dependant as well. Whilst HTML5 was sold to us as the future, and maybe it is in the short term, we’re seeing it as something that has replaced Flash rather than something that has transformed the web, which is what Flash did.

It is without a doubt that the future is in code and not plug-ins but it’s become very apparent that some bold agencies and brave clients, or should we say logical agencies and sensible clients, are turning back to Flash to deliver the most incredible digital experiences still in 2013… 3 years after the book on Flash was slammed shut.”

Full article here: http://www.thefwa.com/article/10-reasons-why-flash-cannot-die