12 Must Have AS3 Classes

1.Lightweight SHA1 encryption class for Actionscript 3
2.Bitmap/Vector into firefly particles AS3.0
3.ActionScript 3 Full Browser Background Video
4.ActionScript 3 Accordion Content
5.ActionScript 3 Full Browser Background Content
6.Scale9Grid Class for Masking in AS3
7.Greensock releases TransformManager, a spectacular AS3 class
8.Pixelator – Yet another transition effect for AS3
9.ActionScript 3 Flexible Layout Class
10.A Custom HorizontalSlider AS3 Class in Action: Applying Color Tints to a Photo
11.ActionScript 3 FullScreen Object Resize Class
12.Active Window(S) Blur

Via: http://www.lemlinh.com/flash-tutorials-as3-classes-roundup-part-1