Back again…


Hello, I’m back from my holidays and posts will get back to this blog again. During the last three weeks some thinks have changed at Macromedia and new announcements were done, has the release of the so expected Flash 8.

At this post I will try to summarize and write about what changed in this last three weeks. However I would like everyone to participate in here with replies in case I just miss something, because I actually have to put my work again in time and I can´t loose myself reading forums and news.

Thanks for your time.

– Adobe and Macromedia say they now have the shareholder votes needed to complete their proposed $3.4 billion merger.

– Google is expanding again – Google Talk.

– Macromedia Announces Studio 8.

– Macromedia Announces Dreamweaver 8.

– Macromedia Announces Flash Professional 8.

– Macromedia Announces Fireworks 8.

– Holomatix Announces Blaze3D 1.5 Studio.

Flash 8 released…


…and i won´t be here to see. Yes, this weekend i will be driving south where i will stay for at least 2 weeks. I will pass the next weeks enjoying the shining sun and the great sea of ALgarve with my wife and my son, so there will be no posts until i get back.

I´m sure during this days Macromedia blogs will achieve high traffic because of the so expected release of Flash 8 🙂 . This month will bring great news to everyone.

See u soon.

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