Streaming Flash Video Made Simple by PlayStream and WebAssist


WebAssist today announced the free availability of PlayStream VideoLaunch, an extension for Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 and Macromedia Contribute 3 users. Developed in partnership with VitalStream, PlayStream VideoLaunch provides an easy way for Web designers to add streaming Flash Video to any site.

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Flash Extensions


Flash Extensions provides quality video tutorials regarding Flash and other related technologies. The content is aimed to help those starting to build applications with Flash, those transitioning from a previous language or platform to Flash (i.e. Java or .NET), and/or those who wish to learn new techniques in programming on the Flash Platform.

New video series will be release:

– Design Patterns in ActionScript 2.0.
– ActionScript Dictionary.
– ActionScript 2.0 Intermediate.

The videos are all free to view. Click here.

Next Windows version – ‘Vista’


Microsoft Corp on Friday said the next version of its operating system used on most personal computers around the world will be called “Windows Vista.”

The world’s biggest software company stopped short of providing a launch date for the new version of Windows.

The first overhaul of the dominant computer operating system since Windows XP five years ago, is expected to reach consumers sometime next year.

Full article here.

Microsoft website on Windows Vista.

Flash Player 8 Goodies


Link to a few more examples that designers have been busily writing that probes the capabilities of the Flash 8 player.

What you will see.

– Bitmap caching
– Text rendering
– Blend modes
– Filters
– Bitmap manipulation

Link here.

The power of Flash


In all the world of computing and the Internet, what technology has the greatest market share and the most loyal upgraders? Is it Microsoft’s Windows operating system? Is it Sun’s Java programming language? No, it is Macromedia’s Flash web graphics software.

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