Menu Component 2.0.0


Menu Component is an XMCA 0.3 based component. Resizability is provided by Align Components 4.0.1. Use this components to create low fat menus, menubars and context menus. Features automatic adaptation to font size, resizability, skinability (three default skins provided), high customizability, and low weight.



Fantasy Interactive (FI) maps out the future


Mapquest now in Flash.

Together with Road Runner and digital map directory giant, Map Quest, Fantasy Interactive have created one of the most competitive online map applications on the web today. The application preserves the beauty of paper-based maps and at the same time incorporates the vast benefits of the digital world.

Mapquest now in Flash. Press here.

MTV Overdrive


MTV Overdrive offers tons of exclusive content and lets you choose how you want to watch- that’s the “hybrid” part. You can watch entire shows like video-on-demand or you can build your own playlist, lean back and enjoy.

MTV Overdrive

MTV Overdrive.

P.S. PC Users with Netscape, Mozilla or Firefox: you need to run Internet Explorer to use MTV Overdrive.

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