Symphony – Web Publishing System


You may want to take a look at this new web publishing system. It´s available only in beta at the moment but release is expected for Friday, 15th April 2005.

Some features:

– Multiple authors of the same article can use their own custom styling preferences.
– Add your own customised fields in entries such as mood, ISBN, referral link, etc.
– Change the date of your entries at will using an easy to use calendar interface.
– Expandable, customisable and infinitely-deep categories.
– Short summaries of your article. May be used for RSS Feeds, link titles, etc.
– Friendly permalink URLs. Customize the link to your entry.

And much more, this is a very interesting system.

Symphony – Web Publishing System

Yugo Nakamura did it again…


Amaztype. This is the name of Keita Kitamura and Yugo Nakamura work for Tha LTD. which provides a search at Amazon using Flash with a nice and fun pointless zoom to watch the results.


Tip: Try to search for something that does not exist or can´t be found at Amazon…

IE 7.0 – code-named “Rincon,” – will be a tabbed browser…


Some Internet Explorer 7.0 features:

1 – This new version will be focused primarily on improving security;
2 – Sources say that IE 7.0 – which is code-named “Rincon,” they hear – will be a tabbed browser;
3 – IE 7.0 will feature international domain name (IDN) support;
4 – Transparent Portable Network Graphics (PNG) support;
5 – New functionality that will simplify printing from inside IE 7.0;
6 – The new browser also will likely include a built-in news aggregator;

At the security enhancements Microsoft is expecting to include in IE 7.0:

1 – Reduced privilege mode becomes the default;
2 – No cross-domain scripting and/or scripting access;
3 – Improved Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) user interface;
4 – Possible integration between IE 7.0 and Microsoft’s Windows anti-spyware service, which currently is in beta.

Full story here.

Where are the posts?


Don´t know what happen this morning but all the posts from Macromedia foruns dissapear from my newsreader (Outlook Express).

At first i thought that it was a problem from my newsreader, but it seems that i wasn´t the only one with this problem.

Macromedia and Google foruns are working great this seems to happen only at newsreaders.

Does anyone else notice this problem?

Macromedia announced a licensing agreement with Samsung Electronics


Samsung Electronics will use Macromedia Flash Lite 1.1 to deliver enhanced graphical user interfaces and richer interactive experiences to Samsung mobile phone users.

” The first Samsung handset enhanced with Flash Lite is available in Korea. Subsequent Samsung handsets with Flash Lite 1.1 will be deployed to Europe and the U.S.”

You may find more details at CMPNetAsia.

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