Make money with your Flash Games.


CrazyMonkeyGames are buying games to Flash developers to feature at their website. If you have developed a game and don´t know what to do with it you may earn between $50 and $1000 depending on the quality of it. The rules are simple. If they buy your game, they will ask you to insert their logo as an intro screen and add a link to their site within the game. Then they feature the game on and allow the whole world to download it, distribute it, and use it on their own websites. You will be able to leave your name in the game as the author.

P.S. I saw this at a respected forum about Flash (Ultrashock). You may get more info about this topic by clicking here.

Size does matter…


I have seen so many questions about this topic in different forums that i have decided to post here a link which will help you decide which stage size should be used to develop your Flash applications for web.

First you must decide for which screen resolution do you want to develop, or you can develop for two or three different resolutions giving the user the option to choose their resolution. However after this decision you must remmember the users from other plataforms like Mac and browsers like Firefox and Safari. Believe me, it´s important to develop your application to all those users. So how can you avoid your page from looking crappy in some browser or platform?

At Webmonkey you will find all these answers. In there you will find tables that will give you the safest size to develop in different browsers and in each different resolution. Now you only have to choose.

Good luck.

Nice FCS hosting plan


There are many hosting companies that provide FCS hosting, but sometimes the price isn´t friendly. Today i found a new provider that offer great prices, the "Starter" plan will cost $6.95 / month and allow 10 connections with a 64Kbps Streaming bandwidth, but if you are able to spend more money with $25.95 / month you may join 40 users with a 512 kbps Streaming bandwidth.

Go see for yourself @

Internet Explorer (IE) 7.0


Due to security and feature concerns,Microsoft has decided to deliver a new version of Internet Explorer(IE 7.0). This version will go beta this summer and will have new anti-phishing, anti-spyware and anti-virus safeguards, according to company officials. Microsoft did not target a release date for the final IE 7.0.

This new release was announced Tuesday at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, by Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates.

Read the full story at Microsoft Watch.

Flash Video Basics Macrochat


Bentley Wolfe will introduce Flash beginners to basic Flash video concepts. You’ll learn how Flash imports and exports video and how to create Flash FLV files for use with Player and Flash Communication Server.

The topics are:

– Video formats that Flash MX 2004 imports
– Importing video into Flash MX 2004
– Using Flash MX 2004 to create video
– Creating FLVs
– Creating FLVs
– Playing FLVs as embedded video; linking with media components and using the Flash Communication Server

You can find more info and register here.

Do you need to clean your screen and don´t have time?


Click here and in 30 seconds your screen will re-become transparent. Trust me.

I saw this link at first in Cantrell´s Blog. This video application was done using Flash 7. Like Cantrell´s said “It’s amazing to think that Flash can be used for so many diverse things: Rich Internet Applications, animations, video, printable documents, live presentations with streaming audio and video, and things like cats licking the inside of your monitor.”

I must get a cat….

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