Adobe Edge Newsletter – April 2009


Articles this issue:

* Edge featured video: Flash economy
* Getting to know Adobe Flash Collaboration Service beta
* Creating a Massively Multiplayer Online game with Adobe Flex 3
* The edge of Flash
* Designer perspective: How to approach ActionScript
* Enabling Flex components to talk to each other
* Applying InContext Editing from a business perspective
* Developer Profile: Behind the scenes of Sam’s Interactive Reader

$10 Million Open Screen Project Fund by Adobe and Nokia


“Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) and Nokia Corporation (NYSE: NOK) today announced a $10 million Open Screen Project fund designed to help developers create applications and services for mobile, desktop and consumer electronics devices using the Adobe Flash® Platform. The new fund is a result of the Open Screen Project, an industry-wide initiative of more than 20 industry leaders set to enable a consistent experience for web browsing and standalone applications. Additional Open Screen Project partners are expected to join the fund in the future.”

Press Release (PDF)

Flex Saga – Day 3: Putting it all together


Video: Validating data (7:15)

Exercise: Validating form data (PDF, 100K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 34K; Solution, ZIP, 36K)

Video: Requesting and sending data with RemoteObject (20:52)

Exercise: Using RemoteObject to send data to the server (PDF, 503K)

(Download Server, ZIP 22,642K; Starter, ZIP, 35K; Solution, ZIP, 36K)

Exercise: ColdFusion version: Using RemoteObject to send data to the server (PDF, 236K)

(Download Solution, ZIP153K)

Video: Formatting data (6:09)

Video: Dragging data between List components (5:20)

Exercise: Implementing drag and drop between components (PDF, 627K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 36K; Solution, ZIP, 36K)

Video: Filtering XML with E4X (12:04)

Exercise: Using XML with E4X (PDF, 54K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 36K; Solution, ZIP, 37K)

Video: Deploying Flex and AIR applications (11:57)

Exercise: Deploying a Flex application (PDF, 504K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 37K; Solution, ZIP, 37K)

Exercise: Creating and deploying an AIR application (PDF, 1,194K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 37K; Solution, ZIP, 816K)

Via Flex in a Week

Flex Saga – Day 2: Component development


Video: Displaying data in the DataGrid (6:35)

Video: Working with containers (12:12)

Exercise: Working with containers (PDF, 144K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 32K; Solution, ZIP, 32K)

Video: Creating custom MXML components (8:42)

Exercise: Creating custom MXML components (PDF, 230K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 32K; Solution, ZIP, 33K)

Video: Implementing value object classes (13:46)

Video: Creating custom events (5:59)

Video: Creating custom event classes (23:06)

Exercise: Creating custom events and dispatching data (PDF, 337K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 33K; Solution, ZIP, 34K)

Video: Customizing item renderers (6:42)

Exercise: Creating an item renderer (PDF, 128k)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 34K; Solution, ZIP, 34K)

Video: Exploring Flex Builder tips (5:18)

Via Flex in a Week

Adobe Edge Newsletter February 2009


Featured Video:
Discover Adobe Groups

In this issue:
The Adobe Flash Platform today: A community perspective
Build a personal productivity application with Adobe AIR
The edge of Flash
An iterative approach to the designer-developer workflow
An introduction to InContext Editing with Dreamweaver CS4
The future of Adobe Flex components
Fresh from the Adobe AIR Marketplace

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