Free Flash Gallery


flash gallery

Here’s a cool Free Flash Gallery allowing multiple categories, slideshow, zoom, and more. Evrything is loaded from a XML file, it’s very easy to setup and you also can customize it has you wish using the source code available to download.

This gallery is simple but very cool and clean.

30 Great Flash Image Galleries


flash image gallery

From the beginning of this site I always tried and still try to deliver you the best applications and fla’s for FREE at no cost.

Today I will broke this rule for a good cause.

VectorTuts+ delivered a list of 30 cool flash image galleries for you to use, prices go from $4 to $30 which I have to consider very fair considering the work and professional look of all the applications.

All of these are available from flashDen so you will also be paying to a Flash Developer probably a freelancer which will appreciate the money and the recognition of his work.

Load multiple images with Actionscript 3


Create your own Flash image gallery using Actionscript 3.0 by following the steps presented in this simple tutorial. The gallery will be totally defined using AS3.0, you just need to get some images to start playing with the code. This tutorial will also allow you to change the appearance of the galley as you wish and in a simple way. You can define the rows, columns and more.

Good Luck!

Loading Multiple Images