Screen Orientation with Full-Screen Flash Player Content


“Prior to version 15, Flash Player (FP) did not provide notification of change in screen orientation. Starting with FP version 15 (FP 15), notification of screen orientation will be provided through triggering of a resize event if the FP content is playing in full-screen.”

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Flash Player and AIR releases, code-named “Jones“


Adobe announced the beta availability of our next Flash Player and AIR releases, code-named “Jones“.

With this release, Adobe introduced a new numbering scheme for their product versions. Adopting the pattern set by Google with Chrome and Mozilla with Firefox.

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Flash Player and performance tips when dealing with lots of data


If you’re dealing with performance problems when loading lots of data to Flash Player, you will be happy to read this article by Jesse Warden, this matter is discussed and tips are shared to get better performance dealing with both. Jesse talks about not so practical methods and finally explains what works better for him. Should read.