Create & publish HTML5 Canvas documents from scratch in Flash Pro CC


“Flash Professional CC lets you create and publish HTML5 Canvas documents from scratch, using a familiar authoring environment. Using open web standards enables your content to reach any modern browser, including mobile devices.”

Video Tutorial Here

Starting with Starling Tutorial (Full Episodes)


Episode 1: Introduction and Setup

Episode 2: Welcome Screen

Episode 3: Sprite Sheets

Episode 4: Navigation

Episode 5: Parallax Background

Episode 6: Hero Flies In

Episode 7: Obstacles

Episode 8: Collision Detection

Episode 9: Items

Episode 10: Text and Fonts

Episode 11: Particles

Flash Sprite Sheets and Blitting Tutorial


gotoAndLearn() has just uploaded the part 3 and final video tutorial on “Sprite Sheets and Blitting”.

Part1 – Learn how to create a nicely packed sprite sheet and corresponding JSON data file.
Part2 – Learn the basic concepts of blitting in Flash from the sprite sheet we created in part 1.
Part3 – In this part I show you how to create a reusable blit sprite class and incorporate the JSON data.

AS3 Random Number


This tutorial will take you to the steps on how to create Random numbers with Flash, use the text area component, debugging and using Array’s.

You will create an application that will retrieve numbers randomly each time you click a button. Random numbers can be very usefull to create all types of applications, for games, image galleries and much more.

Parallax 3D Effect with Flash CS4


Layers Magazine has published a new tutorial on how to create the 3D Parallax effect. Has explained in the tutorial this popular effect was hard to achieve before Flash CS4 3D options and functionalities. Now with Flash CS4 everything is simpler to make the perfect 3D effect.

In the article you will find the FLA file to grab all the sources of the tutorial.

Have Fun!

Creating and Using SWCs


Ahmed Nuaman is sharing an article at explaining everything you need to know about the common term used with Flash SWCs. What they are, how to use them, the advantages and how to create them.

After the introduction to SWCs you will find a very complete tutorial on how to set your first SWC project.

20 Flash Menus Tutorials


TutorialLounge collected a huge list of Flash tutorials based on menus and navigation systems. The list offers many options and techniques developing menus, Actionscript 3.0, XML, motion tips and more are all present on the list.

For sure a nice article to follow and study. Lot’s of good stuff there.

Have Fun!

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