The architecture of applications using the Facebook and Flash Platforms


Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. iFrame Facebook application
3. FBML Facebook application
4. Flash iFrame Facebook application
5. Flash FBML Facebook application
6. An external Flash Facebook website application
7. A Flash Facebook desktop application

Adobe Developer Connection

Creating a Flash Video Button


There’s a new tutorial available at Layers Magazine explaining how to create a video button with Flash. The idea for the button is that you have a static image (1st frame of the movie) and on roll over the video plays.

At first this seems pretty easy, and it is in fact, however there are some tips that you might not know to reach this task faster and easily.

Have a look!

XML Menu with Actionscript 3


This tutorial will teach you how to create an advanced menu using Actionscript 3.0 and loading data and menu structure via a XML file.

This might be very useful for your projects. The tutorial is simple to understand and all the code is commented so that you can understand what’s going on on each line of code.

Advanced XML Menu

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