Flash Photo Album Effect


Learn how to create a simple photo album with Flash, and apply a nice effect for image transitions. This tutorial is very simple and you easily will be able to create a similar gallery.

This tutorial is pointed for beginners but the final effect (if well applied) will for sure give a professional look to any application. It’s simple but very interesting.

Advanced photo album tutorial

Develop a Flash Video Player


flash video player

At the moment there are quite cool solutions to play flash videos in a website, if you see my Free Flash Applications page you will meet some nice and FREE Flash Video Players.

However those might not be a real solution for your needs. You should use a player that will meet some of your project colors, design and more. This could be a problem!

Today I will leave here the link to solve part of that problem, wowebmaster.com is sharing a nice and very clear tutorial on how to create your own custom Flash Video Player. I’m sure this could be useful for you, however the final player still misses some key features a complete player should have. Anyway with the current explanation you will be more than ready to start creating something more powerful if pretended.

Have Fun!

Create a Platform Game with Flash


This tutorial will teach you all the basics for you to create a platform game with Flash. As you can see in the final movie all the main features of platform games are applied. Now it’s your turn to create your own Mario game.

Table of Contents:

1. Basic Character Programming
2. Creating The Level
3. Programming the Level
4. Adding Level Elements
5. Adding Enemies
6. Goals and Level Completion
7. Finishing Touches

Flash Scroller


Learn how to create your own scroll for Movie Clips using Actionscript 3.0. The movie will give a blur effect to the clip while scrolling giving a nice eye catching effect. Learning how to create your own scroll will be a must because you can adapt the code for multiple purposes using different designs and styles matching your current project feel.

How to create a Flash Scroll

The basics of ActionScript 3.0 Development of a Flash Game


This is a complete series of tutorials about Flash CS and Actionscript 3.0 on how to develop your own Flash games.

The list is composed by:

* AS3 Flash Games for Beginners: Adding Library Objects to Stage with AS3
* AS3 Flash Games for Beginners: Character Movement / Handling Multiple Keypresses
* AS3 Flash Games for Beginners: More Advanced Character Movement
* AS3 Flash Games for Beginners: Level Mechanics and Animated Backgrounds
* AS3 Flash Games for Beginners: Firing Weapons with Delays
* AS3 Flash Games for Beginners: Learn How to Make Enemies with Basic AI!!!
* AS3 Flash Games for Beginners: Registering Hit Tests
* AS3 Flash Games for Beginners: Using Frame Labels and Art Tweening

Load multiple images with Actionscript 3


Create your own Flash image gallery using Actionscript 3.0 by following the steps presented in this simple tutorial. The gallery will be totally defined using AS3.0, you just need to get some images to start playing with the code. This tutorial will also allow you to change the appearance of the galley as you wish and in a simple way. You can define the rows, columns and more.

Good Luck!

Loading Multiple Images

Making Pong Game


Learn how to create the famous Pong game with Actionscrit 3.0 with the help f this simple and well explained tutorial by Shahin.

Tutorial Content:
1 – Basic Setup
2 – Moving the Player and AI bat
3 – Moving the Bat and making it Bounce
4 – Implementing Winning and Losing Element

Create Pong Game

How to use the [Embed] metadata tag with Adobe Flash CS4 Professional


Embed different types of media, data, and graphic assets in Adobe Flash CS4 Professional.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Embedding GIF, PNG, JPEG, or MP3 files
3. Embedding a symbol from a SWF file
4. Using the [Embed] tag to embed a font
5. Working with embedded XML files

Flash Developer Center

Create a simple promotional web page with Fireworks, Flash, and Dreamweaver


Dive in this journey with Dan Carr into the Adobe CS4 product workflow and create a promotional web page for “Double Identity”. You will be working with Flash, Fireworks and Dreamweaver in order to create a complete website.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Getting started
3. Building a mockup in Fireworks
4. Adding sound and interactivity in Flash
5. Finishing the page in Dreamweaver
6. Reviewing the editing workflow

Fireworks Developer Center

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