DragonBones – The Open Source 2D skeleton animation solution for Flash


Fully Integrate with Flash Pro. Fill Gap between Creative Tools and Graphic Engine.


– Reduced Art Assets
– Skeletal Hierarchy
– Various Export Format Support
– Spine Support
– Multiple Resolution Solution
– Smooth Interpolation
– Frame Sequence Animation
– Animation Blending and Easing
– Time Based Animation
– Skeleton Reuse and Animation Reuse
– Animation Mixing
– Color/Alpha Transform Animation
– Changeable Z-Order
– External Texture Atlas
– Dynamic Texture Switching
– Nesting Skeleton
– Timeline Event

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Avoider Game Flash Tutorial


While surfing at Emanuelferonato.com I found a link to Michael James Williams blog named “I Help People Make Flash Games”.

The first page of the site features a Flash Tutorial Michael created back in 2008 on how to create a Avoider Flash Game using AS3.0. Quickly this tutorial become very popular and has been discuss on Schools and Universities. This tutorial was also translated in Spanish, Polish, and Italian.

The tutorial is perfect for beginners and will give you a quick understanding on AS3.0 and OOP, even if you haven’t worked with AS2.0. As the author suggests you only need to have some feedback on variables, if statements, loops, and functions. If not don’t worry, everything is explained.

Game will be developed under:
– One frame
– One layer
– No items on the Stage
– No code in the timeline
– No code in any symbols

The tutorial is divided in 12 different parts:

Learn ActionScript 3 by Following this Simple Avoider Game Tutorial
AS3 Avoider Game Tutorial, Part 2: Multiple Enemies
AS3 Avoider Game Tutorial, Part 3: Game Over
AS3 Avoider Game Tutorial, Part 4: Menus and Buttons
AS3 Avoider Game Tutorial, Part 5: A Score and a Clock
AS3 Avoider Game Tutorial, Part 6: Several Small Improvements
AS3 Avoider Game Tutorial, Part 7: Keyboard Control
AS3 Avoider Game Tutorial, Part 8: Adding a Preloader
AS3 Avoider Game Tutorial, Part 9: Music and Sound Effects
AS3 Avoider Game Tutorial, Part 10: Multiple Levels
AS3 Avoider Game Tutorial, Part 11: Saving and Loading
AS3 Avoider Game Tutorial, Part 12: Garbage Collection

Avoider Game Demo:

Choosing between Flash and Silverlight


flash vs silverlight

Hundreds of discussions were ans are available over the Internet, offices and more about the Flash vs Silverlight possible “nuclear war”. Opinions apart it’s pretty well know where the balance falls when to choose one of these tools to implement any work on the web.

Do you still have doubts regarding this matter? Well, smashing Magazine has put up live maybe one of the most cools comparisons between these two technologies. It’s really worth a look. At the end you will see a table showing where these two tools perform better then the other.

Another curiosity is the buzz this matter caused and still causes over user’s, there’s already a huge list of 243 answers to the article.

Anyway, Flash wins 9-5.

Silverlight vs Flash

Create a Flash WordPress Theme



Press Connect is a script created by Tim Wilson that will allow you to connect your Flash Website with WordPress Content. After integrating the database the script returns everything via XML.

Tim also made available his .fla from his site and you are free to buy if you want. The press connect script is available to download for free.

Tim Wilson Lab

Adobe Edge Newsletter February 2009


Featured Video:
Discover Adobe Groups

In this issue:
The Adobe Flash Platform today: A community perspective
Build a personal productivity application with Adobe AIR
The edge of Flash
An iterative approach to the designer-developer workflow
An introduction to InContext Editing with Dreamweaver CS4
The future of Adobe Flex components
Fresh from the Adobe AIR Marketplace

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