Contact Form With Flex


Shane Johnson shared a nice tutorial at FlashTuts+ on how to create a multi-propose contact form using Flex. You will work with many features and components available under Flex framework, also a CSS style file will be created and implemented on you form to stylize the application.

Managing employees application


By integrating PHP & Flex Larry Ullman explains how to create a live application so that you can manage your employees in a easy way. Of course this could be applied to many other utilities, the point is to understand the tutorial and create your own application modifying as you wish.

This application will list current employees and you may create new one’s using the application. The process is making Flex to call a PHP function to write data in a XML file.

Integrating Flex & PHP

Create a contact form with Flex 3


contact form

Learn how to create a fully functional contact form in this tutorial by Saint Michael’s. In order to complete the task will be useful a Medium to Strong Skills with CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP, Actionscript, XML and MXML.You should be also fammiliar with Flash, Flex and Html Editors.

Good Luck!

Flex Saga – Day 5: Architecture and advanced topics


Video: Understanding the behavior of the Flash timing mechanism (4:18)

Video: Using custom Flash graphics in Flex components (6:42)

Video: Using and animating filters (4:35)

Exercise: Using and Animating Filters (PDF, 62K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 86K; Solution, ZIP, 86K)

Video: Creating SWC files (10:46)

Exercise: Creating SWC files (PDF, 166K)

(Download assets, ZIP, 421K Starter, ZIP, 42K; Solution, ZIP, 46K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 14K; Solution, ZIP, 14K)

Video: Building runtime shared libraries (7:15)

Exercise: Building run time shared libraries (PDF, 207K)

(Download assets, ZIP, 486K; Starter, ZIP, 43K; Solution, ZIP, 15K)

Video: Splitting your application into modules (8:45)

Video: Communicating over local connections (6:20)

Exercise: Communicating Over Local Connections (PDF, 75K)

(Download assets, ZIP, 4K; Starter, ZIP, 86K; Solution, ZIP, 86K)

Video: Using shared objects (4:20)

Exercise: Using Shared Objects (PDF, 58K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 86K; Solution, ZIP, 86K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 4K; Solution, ZIP, 4K)

Video: Reducing the file size of your Flex application (4:58)

Video: Embedding video in your application (2:09) optional

Exercise: Embedding Video (PDF, 86K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 89K)

Video: Controlling video using Ajax (2:19) optional

Video: Localization using resource bundles (5:05)

Exercise: Localization using Resource Bundles (PDF, 227K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 86K; Solution, ZIP, 87K)

Video: Integrating Flex with PHP using XML (7:44) optional

Via Flex in a Week

Flex Saga – Day 3: Putting it all together


Video: Validating data (7:15)

Exercise: Validating form data (PDF, 100K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 34K; Solution, ZIP, 36K)

Video: Requesting and sending data with RemoteObject (20:52)

Exercise: Using RemoteObject to send data to the server (PDF, 503K)

(Download Server, ZIP 22,642K; Starter, ZIP, 35K; Solution, ZIP, 36K)

Exercise: ColdFusion version: Using RemoteObject to send data to the server (PDF, 236K)

(Download Solution, ZIP153K)

Video: Formatting data (6:09)

Video: Dragging data between List components (5:20)

Exercise: Implementing drag and drop between components (PDF, 627K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 36K; Solution, ZIP, 36K)

Video: Filtering XML with E4X (12:04)

Exercise: Using XML with E4X (PDF, 54K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 36K; Solution, ZIP, 37K)

Video: Deploying Flex and AIR applications (11:57)

Exercise: Deploying a Flex application (PDF, 504K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 37K; Solution, ZIP, 37K)

Exercise: Creating and deploying an AIR application (PDF, 1,194K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 37K; Solution, ZIP, 816K)

Via Flex in a Week