Play Pac-Man in Google Maps


Like it or not (everyone likes) Google is currently allowing user’s to play Pac-man inside Google Maps, yes, correct, you can now make the little yellow fellow escape from behing eaten in a street just by your house. Don’t believe it? Take a look!

Just visit Google Maps in your browser and click on the bottom-left Pac-Man icon. Have fun!

This is cool, but would be great to make this game Street View style!

google pac-man

Google Chrome Web Store


Google Chrome Web Store is set to be available for developers later this year. With Chrome Store you will be able to develop and monetize your apps, Themes and Extensions. Developers decide if they want or not to monetize any specific application developed by them, those can be available for free too. Payments will be done with Chrome Web Store Payments or your own custom payment system.

Developers are already able to publish their application. Start uploading your apps here.

Chrome Web Store Preview:

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