Explore 30 historical sites in Jordan with Google Maps


“The Middle Eastern kingdom of Jordan may not be on many people’s bucket list of places to visit, but some have said it is an undiscovered gem if you’re interested in ancient history and traipsing through historical sites. Now you can see what you’ve been missing as Google Street View is offering you an unfettered virtual view of more than 30 historical sites.”



Tips for Google Maps


google maps iconLast week Google announced offline maps from Google Maps for areas selected by users .

At the moment this option is only available for Android and it seems to me that there is still much to do.

Some questions:

By downloading these maps are these downloaded to the internal device memory or to the SD External Card?

Would also be great to give the option to user to select different route options, as well as whether to use highways or secundary roads, should also enable the selection paid or entirely free courses.

Expose your ideas to improve the application .

Google is offering 1 TB free storage and other rewards if you review places on Google Maps


“Google Maps is trying to promote its Local Guides feature by offering exciting rewards to people who help them in reviewing , posting pictures , answering basic questions etc. about places on maps like restaurants, tourist spots and other locations.”

Via: http://www.whatsupgeek.com/2015/11/google-to-offer-1-tb-free-storage-when.html