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mp3 player

Flabell Flash Mp3 Player is free to download and use, it has many features, allows you to skin the Mp3 player, playlists, artists and albums from a XML file, Audio Volume, source code, even the PSD file is available. Not to mention it has a cool interface design.

A must have!

MP3 Flash Player with AS3



Not sure if I ever gave this link here for this mp3 player tutorial! Anyway while surfing some tuts today I found this complete Flash mp3 player tutorial with actionscript 3.0, this player has all the main features you will see on the most complete players around web, you probably should implement a new design, but this tutorial will open the doors to you if you want to develop something similar.

The player has features has volume slider, skip music, pause, play, stop, playlist, time and more. MP3 files are loaded from a XML file.

Flash MP3 Player Tutorial