Create a content management system using flash actionscript 3.0, PHP and XML


In this tutorial you will learn how to create a simple news content management system using Flash, PHP and XML. All the code and process is provided, at the end you will understand how to create your own fields according to your needs.

The final source files aren’t available however if you follow the tutorial correctly you will have everything working at the end.

Create a content management system using flash actionscript 3.0, PHP and XML

XML Menu with Actionscript 3


This tutorial will teach you how to create an advanced menu using Actionscript 3.0 and loading data and menu structure via a XML file.

This might be very useful for your projects. The tutorial is simple to understand and all the code is commented so that you can understand what’s going on on each line of code.

Advanced XML Menu

How to use the [Embed] metadata tag with Adobe Flash CS4 Professional


Embed different types of media, data, and graphic assets in Adobe Flash CS4 Professional.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
2. Embedding GIF, PNG, JPEG, or MP3 files
3. Embedding a symbol from a SWF file
4. Using the [Embed] tag to embed a font
5. Working with embedded XML files

Flash Developer Center

Create a Flash WordPress Theme



Press Connect is a script created by Tim Wilson that will allow you to connect your Flash Website with WordPress Content. After integrating the database the script returns everything via XML.

Tim also made available his .fla from his site and you are free to buy if you want. The press connect script is available to download for free.

Tim Wilson Lab