Flash Video Players

In this post I will present you two simple but effective tutorials on how to create custom video players with Flash.

The first sample by flashjunkie is available as a video tutorial on flashTuts+ and uses a third party tool called videoMaru. Maru is a tool developed by Dan Florio of polyGeek.com to create custom video interface designs.


flash video player

The second tutorial created by Blue_Chi uses Actionscript 3.0, Videos are loaded from a XML file, and you will play with the FLVPlayback Component, the Loader Class and more.


1. Preparing External Assets (XML, Videos, and Thumbs) and the FLA.
2. Loading and processing the XML file.
3. Creating the playlist container and loading all the thumbs.
4. Positioning the thumbs and video description.
5. Creating the FLVPlayback component and playing a video.
6. Polishing the player and fixing bugs.


flash video

This tutorial is available at republicofcode.com