Flex Saga – Day 5: Architecture and advanced topics

Video: Understanding the behavior of the Flash timing mechanism (4:18)

Video: Using custom Flash graphics in Flex components (6:42)

Video: Using and animating filters (4:35)

Exercise: Using and Animating Filters (PDF, 62K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 86K; Solution, ZIP, 86K)

Video: Creating SWC files (10:46)

Exercise: Creating SWC files (PDF, 166K)

(Download assets, ZIP, 421K Starter, ZIP, 42K; Solution, ZIP, 46K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 14K; Solution, ZIP, 14K)

Video: Building runtime shared libraries (7:15)

Exercise: Building run time shared libraries (PDF, 207K)

(Download assets, ZIP, 486K; Starter, ZIP, 43K; Solution, ZIP, 15K)

Video: Splitting your application into modules (8:45)

Video: Communicating over local connections (6:20)

Exercise: Communicating Over Local Connections (PDF, 75K)

(Download assets, ZIP, 4K; Starter, ZIP, 86K; Solution, ZIP, 86K)

Video: Using shared objects (4:20)

Exercise: Using Shared Objects (PDF, 58K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 86K; Solution, ZIP, 86K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 4K; Solution, ZIP, 4K)

Video: Reducing the file size of your Flex application (4:58)

Video: Embedding video in your application (2:09) optional

Exercise: Embedding Video (PDF, 86K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 89K)

Video: Controlling video using Ajax (2:19) optional

Video: Localization using resource bundles (5:05)

Exercise: Localization using Resource Bundles (PDF, 227K)

(Download Starter, ZIP, 86K; Solution, ZIP, 87K)

Video: Integrating Flex with PHP using XML (7:44) optional

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