Can You Make a Successful Career from Gaming?

You will have heard the phrase ‘do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life,’ but rarely people pursue a career doing what they feel passionate about. If you are scratching your head trying to think about how you can follow your heart and make an income from gaming, read on to find out how you can make a career from gaming.

The first thing that you need to understand is that forging a career from gaming is hard work. It requires your full attention and dedication. Gaming is fun as it provides an escape from reality, but when you turn your hobby into a business, it becomes work.

Focus on a niche

You need to have a clear idea of what game you are going to concentrate your efforts on. If you are too generic, you will fail to attract a specific and targeted audience. Focusing on a niche, i.e. one game, will enable you to become expert and attract the attention of other gamers.

Develop a brand

You need to develop a brand that people will be able to recognize and relate to. Understand the demographic of the other gamers. Is there a typical age, gender or nationality? It is important that your brand is attractive to them. Your brand needs to be consistent across your digital profiles.

Get Noticed

Your online presence is your key to making your business a success. Your aim is to create a hub or online community of gamers who follow you. Your website should be optimized for organic search, and your social media profiles updated frequently with shareable, quality and relevant content to increase the business’s exposure. Collaborate with other influencers so that you can piggyback on their success. Oberlo ebooks provide resources that can help direct your digital marketing campaign, so take advantage of the expertise that is available to you.

There are several opportunities for you to consider as a way of monetizing your gaming website and business.

1. Livestreams – the live stream market is saturated with people wanting to make money from their hobby through ads and paid subscriptions. You need to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Do you provide a comic commentary? Or, are you a very skilled player?
2. Guides – new players particularly like guides on how to play games. Your website can provide written, and video guides with monetized ads, or you could write an ebook and generate revenue through its sale.
3. Podcasts and YouTube videos – inform other gamers about gaming news, discussions and hints and tips through regularly scheduled podcasts and videos. They can also be monetized through ads, but you must ensure that they are compelling and produced to a high standard to achieve success.

Many people fail at making a successful career because they don’t appreciate the amount of work they need to do in order to engage and maintain the interest from other gamers. For every success story, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people who have failed. Competition is high, and you need to make every effort to be a leader and expert in your field.